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It’s amazing what you can make with things you find on clearance or sale after Christmas.  I found some ornaments on clearance for .25 at Walmart.   I brought 48😩😩😩 (decided to buy in sets of 12). I didn’t have any use for the ornament I just thought I might need them lol. 

When I got home I started thinking of things I could make for a babyshower using my new found gem. #hahamoment Gumball machines 😍😍😍  




Gum balls (you can get small multi color gum balls from dollar tree or party city by the register)




Hot glue gun



1. Wash out your ornaments and set them upside down to dry.

2. Hot glue the bottom of the ornament to the bottom of a cup.

3 tie a ribbon around where the cup and orament me to his the hot glue.

4. Fill the ornament up with gum balls or small candy. 

5. Tie a ribbon around the top 

6. Add a sticker or cricut image on the front of the Gumball machine. 



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